Star Wars 9 leak: Is THIS reunion the very last scene? HUGE Return of the Jedi link

The end was always going to be heartbreaking.

Now that we have lost Carrie Fisher in real life, as well as Luke and Han Solo on screen, it has to be accepted that Star Wars will never be the same again.

However, as he brings all three trilogies to a close, director JJ Abrams has vowed to restore the “original spirit” he tried to capture in The Force Awakens.

That movie made no secret about echoing A New Hope and the new reports of scenes being set up at Pinewood sound like Episode 9 might echo The Return of the Jedi in the biggest way yet.

Mark Hamill has been confirmed to return one last time as Luke Skywalker.

Although the Jedi master dramatically (and controversially) died at the end of The Last Jedi, it has been speculated that he could appear in flashbacks.

However, the new reports describe sets being built at the main UK site, with many green screens. Since Abrams has always been clear about his preference for shooting in physical locations, this would seem to imply that the force ghost rumours are more likely to be true since this would require heavy special effects.

New leaks describe two sets and claim Hamill will be shooting with two of the younger Star Wars leads, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver.

Star Wars commentator Mike Zeroh said: “All three cast members will be filming this September. The shoot will last three days at Pinewood. The set will have many green screens. Which could tell us this is how they will make Mark Hamill into Force Ghost.”

This opens up a tantalising possibility that the final scene could be some sort of reconciliation between Luke and Kylo, once his nephew has atoned or found redemption. 

Kylo and Rey somehow reunited with Luke watching them as a Force ghost would pay clear hommage to the iconic scene at the end of Episode 6. 

The report added: “There are two sets being constructed right now. This may well indicate that Luke will appear as a Force ghost to Kylo Ren and Rey separately. This could mean that he is filming with Adam Driver on one set and with Daisy Ridley on the other set.”

Clearly both Rey and Kylo are in dire need of some sort of guidance from Luke, even as a ghost. And both could easily be involved in flashback scenes with the Jedi. 

Either way, we’re still hoping for Luke smiling over everyone at some kind of crazy party at the end of Episode 9.

We could live without the Ewoks, though.

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