Pokemon Go: The Best Pokemon to catch – FULL LIST

tasks players with literally catching as many Pokemon out in the real world as possible. 

Gamers have become obsessed with catching the rarest and best Pokemon to add to their collection, helping them to capture and defend gyms for their chosen team.

Pokemon have some hidden stats in Pokemon Go that help to determine how strong or powerful they are when in battle. 

Ranked on Attack, Defence, and HP, Pokemon are placed in tiers of power to help you decide which are the Pokemon you want to capture and train. 

Alongside this, a Pokemon’s moves and abilities determine how good they will be in a fight, helping you decide which Pokemon to defend your gyms. 

While there are hundreds of Pokemon available to catch in Pokemon Go, there are definitely some creatures you will want to keep an eye out for to give you the best chance of defending your gym and having the best collection.

Here, Express.co.uk explains the top ten Pokemon to catch for their attack and defence stats. 

The best Attack Pokemon

Capable of dishing out the most damage in a fight, these Pokemon have the highest potential attack stats, helping them to beat their opponents into submission with sustained, heavy attacks. 

Below is the top ten attack Pokemon with the best-combined moves. 

1. Mewtwo – Confusion and Shadow Ball

2. Rayquaza – Dragon Tail and Outrage

3. Dragonite – Dragon Tail and Outrage

4. Salamanca – Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor

5. Machamp – Counter and Dynamic Punch

6. Tyranitar – Bite and Stone Edge

7. Alakazam – Confusion and Future Sight

8. Kyogre – Waterfall and Hydro Pump

9. Molters – Fire Spin and Overheat

10. Raikou – Thunder Shock and Wild Charge

The best Defence Pokemon

Defense and sustainability are key in Pokemon Go if you want to save on Revives and health potions. 

Mitigating damage to help your Pokemon survive is crucial.

1. Blissey – Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam 

2. Snorlax – Zen Headbutt and Hyper Beam

3. Slaking – Yawn and Play Rough

4. Gardevoir – Confusion and Dazzling Gleam

5. Dragonite – Dragon Tail and Outrage

6. Gyarados – Dragon Tail and Outrage

7 – Tyranitar – Iron Tail and Crunch

8. Slobro/King – Confusion and Ice Beam/Fire Blast

9. Llpras – Frost Breath and Ice Beam

10. Rhydon – Mud-Slap and Earthquake

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