Fortnite Not Working: Alpha Tournament troubles on Day Two

It was expected to have a few growing pains, being such a big new feature for Fortnite Battle Royale.

And it appears that some fans aren’t able to access the new Alpha Tournament being held tonight.

Reports of the Tournament not working properly, not appearing as live, or not rewarding pins, are now being shared.

There is also a good chance that server capacity is the main factor from keeping most players off the tournament tonight.

This is day two of the competition, following day one having its own issues.

These included a bug that was preventing points from being awarded to those who earned them.

“An issue was identified where often the ‘Tournament Region’ displayed in the Events tab would indicate a player was viewing the event list for ‘North America’,” Epic Games confirms.

“This is a visual bug only, each region has their own tournament schedule and all times displayed inside of the Events tab are correct based on your local timezone and system clock.”

Server capacity could also be keeping some players off the Alpha Tournmanent, with Epic Games adding:

“The sudden influx of players attempting to search for matches at the start of the tournament caused some issues with our matchmaking services as they attempted to balance match assignment in response to the demand.

“We are updating our matchmaking strategy to better accommodate the rush of players at the start of a tournament.”

Epic Games says there is plenty that can be improved in the matchmaking department too, with players not being paired up right with the right skill factor.

“The tournament system is intended to match you against players with the similar score during the session, becoming less strict in its search over time to ensure you find a match eventually,” Epic Games adds.

“Players who have higher scores should expect longer matchmaking times and tougher matches, while players with lower scores should expect an easier time as many of the higher scoring players filter out.

“Currently we’re finding that this isn’t working correctly and is resulting in matches that are more mixed in score than we intended, especially when it comes to players with high scores during the event.

“We’ll be continuing to iterate on this to provide a better-matched experience, so expect this to fluctuate regularly.”

Epic Games are expected to share further feedback, this time focusing on Day Two of the Alpha Tournament, later today.

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