Fallout 76 beta: Bethesda delivers game-changing update ahead of release date

Fallout 76 is one of the most highly anticipated games coming in the second half of 2018 and ahead of the launch Bethesda will be running a beta period.

The Fallout 76 beta will only be available to those that pre-order the PS4, Xbox One and PC game – and it will come to Microsoft’s console first.

And for anyone on the fence about taking part in the Fallout 76 beta Bethesda have just given them a major incentive.

Bethesda have updated the Fallout 76 beta FAQ and in it revealed some tantalising bits of information.

One of the most eye-catching updates is that any progress players make in the Fallout 76 beta can be transferred over to the full game.

The Fallout 76 makers said that the: “Current plan for the B.E.T.A. is it will be the full game and all your progress is saved for launch.”

Bethesda also revealed that there will not be an NDA so players can post screenshots and stream what they’re doing in the Fallout 76 beta.

It was also revealed that Fallout 76 on the PC will not be available to download from Valve’s Steam digital distribution platform.

In the Fallout 76 FAQ it said “Both the B.E.T.A. and the game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on PC (via Bethesda.net only)”.

And then speaking to PC Gamer a Bethesda spokesperson confirmed that Fallout 76 will not be available on Steam.

They said: “The PC version of Fallout 76, for both the B.E.T.A. and the launch, will be available only via Bethesda.net, not on Steam”.

The news comes after it was previously revealed how Bethesda will pick players eligible for the Fallout 76 beta.

In a post on the Fallout 76 general discussion forum, community administrator Jurassica said: “Popping in to say that it’s been very fun seeing everyone’s discussion on Fallout 76 and what your hopes and thoughts are about the game.

“I and members of the studio regularly lurk, and it’s been great to read through your questions and feedback.

“With that in mind, we know you’re anxious to learn more about the game and more specifically, about the B.E.T.A.

“Starting in October we’ll be selecting people who have pre-ordered the game from a participating retailer to enter our B.E.T.A.

“We’ll start small and grow over time as we prepare for launch.

Be sure you’ve read our F.A.Q., for details on how to redeem your B.E.T.A. code and other important details.”

Jurassica added: “To clarify, everyone who pre-orders at a participating retailer will be included in the B.E.T.A.”

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